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JAM City

JAM is short for “Jesus And Me”, but it’s also for jamming with Jesus every Sunday.  The worship is energetic and loud, the messages are simple and clear and the relationships are real.

COVID-19 Update

Hi JAM City parents!! We would love to keep your children learning about God’s word during the lockdown period. Please download the Kid Spring app by clicking on your app store icon below, or follow the links to the online lessons. We will be communicating with you on a weekly basis for the lesson of the week as well as songs that we would like you to please teach your children. If you are not on the JAM City Parents Whatsapp group please contact Dani on +27828192226 or Rochele on +27713571624 to be added.

Senior Kids Lesson: Jesus Came to Show His Love

Junior Kids Lesson: Jesus Loves Me

Senior Song: You’re Alive

Junior Song: Jesus Loves Me